TAP Galleries launches online at Selfridges

TAP Galleries launches online at Selfridges

TAP Galleries has partnered with the Edinburgh Festival, Grand Designs and London Design Festival, and we are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration: the launch of an online fine art print store at the iconic Selfridges department store.

It showcases a selection of works from across our roster of artists, including Maxim (of The Prodigy), Gavin Mitchell, Kristjana Williams and Jayson Lilley, with prices starting from £50.

Founded by Soo Turner, TAP Galleries' growing portfolio spans realism, abstract work, pop art, and urban art, photography, sculpture and installations.

With over 25 years in the art business, Soo combines the marketing of mainstream work with the astute championing of early-stage artists and photographers, nurturing sought-after artists, including the Connor Brothers and Dan Baldwin.

“I am thrilled to have been invited to launch TAP Galleries digitally at Selfridges,” Soo said. “It is a wonderful opportunity to showcase our roster of artists. Our portfolio of art includes realism, abstract, pop, and urban styles, photography and contemporary art prints, and I can't wait to introduce them to Selfridges' customers.”

Alongside the permanent offering, there will also be monthly drops of specific limited prints exclusive to the online print store at Selfridges. We are delighted to say the first will be Therapy by Maxim.

A limited-edition print of just 20, in this work Maxim explores the finer details of his characterised Warrior butterflies, invoking not only the beauty of these creatures but also opening your mind to the positive energy of his world.

“In music you are always aiming for perfection, you are never 100% happy,” he said.  “Art is much more liberating than that; even mistakes can be beautiful. People think I am being controversial for the sake of it, but that just isn’t me. I have a dark side to myself; I’m drawn to the dark and that is what I want to explore.

“I want viewers to experience that darkness and see a side of themselves in it. It’s not just surface, it’s about going deeper, mining something, swirling around in the storm, in the madness.”

As part of their exclusive Selfridges drops, TAP Galleries is also collaborating with UK artist Joe Webb. Soo has sold his work for several years, and watched his popularity grow among new generations of art buyers and collectors, who have sold out recent edition releases in just a few hours.

You can visit our online fine art print store at Selfridges, or browse our full list of artists here. Alternatively, mail us at artontap@tapgalleries.com to organise a personal consultation or make a click & collect order.

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