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Chelmsford Art Market

TAP Galleries presents its first-ever “Art Market” in Chelmsford

Sunday 23rd June 2024, 10.30am – 4.30pm

Free entry! Meet the artists! Buy exclusive editions!

TAP Galleries is proud to launch the first “Art Market” in Chelmsford, Essex. This free event takes place between 10.30am – 4.30pm on Sunday 23rd June 2024, at the Bowl at Bond Street.

It is the first event of this kind that TAP has held, and features market stalls full of all kinds of art, as well as live music. To celebrate, we’ve invited some amazing artists from all over the country to take part!

The line-up of artists:

Joe Webb
Mr. Controversial
Gavin Mitchell
Alexandra Gallagher
Anna Marrow
Simon Kirk
The Seductive Stitch
Roo Abrook
Danic Lago
Jane Hepburn
Hippo Screenprinters featuring Lynne and Ian Blackburn.
Tap Galleries and Interior Angle, framers.
PLUS live music comes from ACANTEEN

With free entry, this Essex event invites everyone, from dedicated art collectors to those looking to invest in the future stars of the art world, to spend a relaxed day out in the lovely city of Chelmsford.

You can watch as a variety of independent artists bring their creations to life and chat with them as they work!

There will be bargains from studio sales and unique pieces up for grabs, while some of the best and brightest names in UK art and culture get their chance to shine.

Even better, every artist taking part in TAP Galleries’ Art Market will release an exclusive, limited-edition print, at an unmissable price!

About the art and TAP Galleries:

Prints from Joe Webb have been seen at many art fairs across the world, with numerous sell-out editions, while Anna Marrow has been shortlisted for this year’s Royal Academy Summer exhibition!

TAP Galleries is an online print website, based in Chelmsford, working in association with art gallery Turner Art Perspective.

TAP Galleries offers a carefully curated selection of limited editions prints created by a range of emerging stars and established, independent artists.

Notes to Editors:

TAP Galleries is launching the first-ever “Art Market” in Chelmsford. The free-to-enter event takes place on Sunday 23rd June 2024 at the Bowl at Bond Street, and runs from 10.30am to 4.30pm.

A range of independent artists from across the UK will be taking part. Each will release an exclusive, limited-edition print at an unmissable price.

Chelmsford-based TAP Galleries (www.tapgalleries.com) is an online print website. It offers a carefully curated selection of limited edition prints created by both emerging stars of the art world and established, independent artists.

It works in association with art gallery Turner Art Perspective.

TAP Galleries contacts: Soo Turner / Mia Hedges
Tel: 01277 500 554 / 01245 956 917

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