Collection: Mike Chavez | Artist


Mike Chavez artist was classically trained as a traditional animator in the 90s and in a career spanning over 20 years has worked for such studios as Disney, Warner Brothers and Dreamworks. In 2006 he switched his focus to fine art and quickly gained kudos for his skill and uncompromising subject matter. His work references everything from film and cartoons to pop culture and porn, combining drawing, painting, screen print, spray paint and stencils. His themes are extremely varied, ranging from human relationships to gun violence, racism and sexuality.

In 2009 Mike Chavez artist was nominated as a finalist for the Archibald award, Australia’s most prestigious portrait prize. He has exhibited in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Belgium, London and New York.

“At 18, I got my first professional art job as an editorial cartoonist. This role of social commentator continues to inform my practice today and I strive to create work that imparts a message, that speaks to something higher. After animating on countless, Saturday morning TV shows I’m loathe to make art without a deeper meaning. Otherwise it’s just more landfill” - Mike Chavez.

Mike Chavez artist is now based in Byron Bay Australia where his favourite activities are coffee and surfing.