Collection: Mister | Artist

Limited Edition Print Collection


In 2018 Mister made the decision to leave teaching, to pursue a career as an artist. Since that time, he has worked on developing his own art style and practise. In 2020 Mister won the Royal Arts prize, having been nominated by the public and a panel of judges. As a result, he was given a solo show in 2021 in the Pall Mall Gallery, London.

Mister creates mixed-media art forms. Primarily, he works from a sketchbook or laptop, using paint and collage, whilst drawing on imaginary connections to the past. The process of his creation owes much to chance, improvisation, and an openness to outside source material. His work at the moment is producing limited edition prints with Printspace in Shoreditch. The prints are then hand painted with acrylic and embellished with gold leaf and diamond dust.

Mister also enjoys creating large scale drawings alongside his prints, using graphite pencil and gold dust. This allows him to further explore the technical aspect and discipline to drawing which in turn allows him to develop his ideas in detail, depth, and scale.

"Currently I am interested in themes of diversity and inclusion and in creating a culture of harmony reflecting London as a modern Babylon. Ever present is my extensive experience as a teacher of Art, as well as my pastoral role for the welfare of others. I am testimony to my belief in lifelong learning, and in continuing to develop and thrive in this ever-changing world." - Mister.