Collection: Rosie Emerson | Artist


Rosie Emerson artist was born in Dorset in 1981. Since graduating in Fine Art from Kingston University In 2004 she has been working almost exclusively with representing the female form. Emerson’s figures draw reference from archetype’s old and new, from Artemis to the modern day super model they becoming an allegory of Emerson’s own fantasy. Emerson's figurative works began by ripping out fashion magazines, and collaging and painting on top of them. The elongated figures were flypostered overnight in Berlin and London, like subversive adverts. Soon after creating this initial series of works she was commissioned to create 16 works for a permanent public collection.

Emerson’s works later moved on to staging her own photoshoots,. Unrestrained in her technique she uses costume, intricate props, dramatic lighting, and collage to elevate her subjects to otherworldly, goddess like status. Her models are staged without context or background, her subjects are objectified, adorned and manipulated. Seeking influence from both the drama of the baroque, and ethereal pre Raphaelite paintings, using both known and unknown faces to explore, our obsessions with beauty, celebrity, Rosie Emerson artist depicts solitary figures entrenched in symbolism literally drowning in adornment. Interested in surface, and the interplay between photography and painting. Emerson’s Images are playfully constructed figurative photography, often hand painted or guilded using gold leaf. Photography is not used as a devise for capturing reality but for optical illusion, obscuring and abstraction. They embrace the romantic and the beautiful.

Rosie Emerson artist throughout the years has worked with Sony, Triumph Underwear, Redbull, P&O Cruises, and Jewellery designer Annoushka Ducas. Her work has been featured in the likes of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Another Magazine, The Financial Times Magazine and The Sunday Times Style Magazine.