Collection: Daniel Sambraus | Artist


Daniel Sambraus artist is a digital photographer who has been photographing architecture and urban landscape for many years. Daniel Sambraus artist deals with the architecture of the urban landscape. By consistently applying the basic design principles of fragmentation, repetition and montage, varying degrees of alienation of the selected motifs are created, sometimes reminiscent of ornamental structures. Single elements of the urban cacophony can thus be isolated and highlighted. Daniel Sambraus artist believes that each urban space has relatively few “signifiers” that are individual objects, but, in the eyes of a viewer, define the space as a whole. For example, images of Big Ben, Westminster Palace, Tower Bridge or the Tower do not only represent themselves but also evoke the idea of “London” as a whole, with all its attributes that a viewer might give this famous city. The creative process behind Daniel Sambraus artist’s work involves walking through and observing the architecture of cities. Daniel Sambraus artist takes a camera with him on these walks in order to capture images of what he is inspired by. He states that sometimes this picture is the basis for the final image. But often, some element is not right, the light, the time of day, the angle. Daniel Sambraus artist then returns, sometimes several times, often with tripod for long exposures.