Collection: Olly Howe | Artist


Olly Howe artist work interweaves the beauty of the modern world with a surreal realm. Often centred around the female form, Olly Howe artist combines existing elements from the past with modern photography as well as hand drawn & painted motifs to create art that engages aesthetically but also challenges perception.

“I’m a self taught artist, since my introduction to Photoshop in the early noughties I’ve always been inspired by the process of merging the seemingly unfitting to create something new and exciting, for me the process of creation is an organic journey of evolution with an initial idea often blossoming into something completely different, a process encapsulated perfectly in the famous quote by Pablo Picasso: “I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else”

Olly Howe artist spent almost 10 years living in East London working with some of the top illustration agencies in the UK, today he lives and works in Cornwall.