Collection: Phil Davison | Artist


Phil Davison is an acclaimed artist in his field.  Known for his inimitable cross stitch into
canvas, and other everyday objects. He has shown his works across Europe and
the USA.

“My work aims to revitalize cross stitch, proving its
viability as a modern-day graphic medium. To achieve this, I fuse this
traditional hand stitching technique with imagery from my visual universe, a
mix of street art and pop culture. I am particularly inspired by image reproduction techniques,
be it in photography or a printing process, attempting to see if, and how, it
can be recreated in cross stitch. To accurately render and mimic the original
technique that inspired its conception demands a high level of precision, some
pieces taking up to a year of hand stitching to complete. It is exactly this dedication to precision, acquired over a decade of working in couture fashion, which drives my evolution of this craft
into the realm of fine art”