Collection: Heath Kane | Artist

Limited Edition Print Collection


Heath Kane is an Australian artist, based in the UK. Heath
is synonymous with creating bold, striking, often lurid art. He embeds subtle,
subversive themes that encourage a political or social conversation. Heath’s
approach to art has always been driven by the practice of design thinking:
combining his experience in commercial art with the origins of pop-art. Heath
Kane has collaborated with Wired Magazine and Saatchi Art and has partnered
with Penguin Books to create the last published covers of George Orwell’s most
famous books. Heath Kane exhibits his work in solo shows all around the globe,
and his originals and prints frequently appear in leading galleries worldwide.
Heath’s collections of work draw inspiration from his commercial art background
and origins of pop-art – a blend of design and art. His approach follows the
practice of poster making and design, with a focus on creating simple, iconic,
and memorable pieces. Within the artwork he tries to distil subtle but often
subversive themes

“I have always made art in response to what I see happening
in the world. I want people to look at my work and talk about the issues we