Collection: Jane Hepburn | Artist


Jane Hepburn is an intuitive, fantasy artist whose work sells internationally and adorns the walls of notable celebrities such as fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg, Ken Paves, and many others. Children and adults alike are captivated by her strikingly beautiful 'SuperElle' angels who rule their heavenly world with wisdom and warrior power whilst being fun loving and nurturing.

Jane’s work is instantly recognisable with its long flowing feathered brush strokes, heavenly angels, and animals. Her use of colour is vibrant and energizing. Jane has created a fairy tale world that many of us would love to escape to. Her studio is a magical place where her inspirations come alive as her four legged friends and supernatural guides watch on.

Each painting has its own story, full of love and light with its uplifting messages of female strength, truth, other worldly support, and togetherness. Her work is deeply personal and heartfelt and manages to effortlessly combine emotion, beauty, and possibility.