Collection: Magnus Gjoen | Artist


Magnus Gjoen, Artist, was born in London to Norwegian parents and studied design in London and Milan and has worked as a denim designer and graphic designer for Vivienne Westwood amongst others. Magnus Gjoen’s art examines how to change peoples relationships and preconceived notions of objects. Something which is potentially extremely destructive can be made into beautiful, yet fragile objects of art. It is this misconception of beauty which Magnus Gjoen wants us to see in a different light, being it weapons, animals or the human race itself. The latter which is capable of creating immense beauty but also capable of destroying it all. Having left the fashion industry, Magnus Gjoen brings a touch of punk- sensibility to the art tradition. His fashion background infuses Magnus Gjoen’s art, re-thinking old concepts and re-interpreting them for the contemporary climate. Working to shed new light on past treasures, Magnus Gjoen’s art prints, alters the relationships between the viewer and the preconceived notions of objects; something which is ostensibly powerful and destructive is transfigured into beautiful and fragile objects of art, be it weapons, animals or the human race itself. Magnus Gjoen creates new and modern takes on old masterpieces, questioning the correlation between religion, war beauty, destruction and art. His art at once uplifting and damning; this is salvation for a godless generation. He often questions the correlation between religion, war, beauty & destruction in his art.