Collection: Ben Allen | Artist

Limited Edition Print Collection


Ben Allen is a UK artist born in 1979. He is a contemporary
artist and is best know for his pop art paintings, that reflect street art, graffiti,
and modernism. His work mainly consists of collage and putting his own dynamic
twists on popular culture, most famously using American stars like Marylin
Monroe. Ben first began his artistic journey in his early twenties after being influenced
by his travels around the world. Since then, Ben Allen has worked on many
interior design projects and his artwork has been used by many high-end brands,
for example, LG, Nokia, Levis, Gallicia, Vans, Estrella, Converse, Jamie Oliver
and Subliminal records. Bens has also had much success at exhibitions and art fairs
and has been recognised by many acclaimed publishers such as Design week, The
Observer, GQ magazines plus many more.

“Through my paintings and prints, all aspects of the human
condition find a place and I want people to be able to relate by looking and
finding something familiar within the abstracted marks and brightly coloured,
graphical imagery. I am motivated by the fact that people respond to different
images in their own, very personal way and that response can change over time,
depending on mood and circumstance. I am also interested in the effect the work
has on people’s response to the world around them. I am fascinated by the idea
that art can fundamentally impact consciousness, and I make work to exploit
this very human sensitivity.”
-Ben Allen