Collection: Hamish Macaulay | Artist


Hamish Macaulay, Artist, is a North London based printmaker and painter. His work consistently features landscapes, seascapes or horizons. Combining printmaking, mixed media and digital manipulation he layers traditional and modern techniques to create fresh perspectives. Training as a graphic designer in Wellington, New Zealand, Hamish Macaulay has spent over 25 years working for a number of top design and advertising agencies in both NZ and London. Hamish Macaulay started his training as a traditional (pre-digital) graphic designer in the mid-80s and evolving his design skills and abilities through the digital era, he is now in a position of having the skills to manipulate his chosen medium in either traditional or new media, or both.

“Having grown up in New Zealand, coastal and mountain themes have been predominant in my work. With my home now in London, I am influenced by how man-made structures compete with the landscape. I feature the contrast between the strong, angular lines of architectural forms (usually brutalist or modernist structures) interacting with the fluid, organic backdrop of abstracted landforms.”