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Hand Finished Limited Edition Art Print Collection


The Connor Brothers' art work explores the boundary between truth and fiction, and raises questions about how we construct meaning from experience. The Connor Brothers, a pair of Artists that punch a hole in our everyday construction of reality, allowing us to catch a glimpse of an altogether larger world with infinitely more possibilities.
The Connor Brothers are fictional characters created by the artists Mike Snelle and James Golding, known as The Connor Brothers.
They are best known for their Pulp Fiction series which includes a variety of Mills and Boon inspired characters and relatable quotes taken from the likes of Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and many more.
Canvases, limited-edition prints and framed versions of the modified Mills & Boon paperbacks have been sold at various art fairs in London, and there have been sell-out shows of their work at galleries in London, Los Angeles and Sydney.
Mike and James also work cloesly with the mental health charity, CALM (The Campaign Against Living Miserably) by raising funds through their art. In September 2019, The Connor Brothers raised £100,000 for the charity at the Bonham's auction house where they sold 12 unique prints. The Connor Brothers were “extremely thrilled with the result of the auction and the meaningful impact it will have.” They went on to praise the “incredible, life-saving work” of CALM, whose work “is about raising public awareness of mental health and opening up the conversation to reduce the stigma associated with mental health problems.”