Collection: Preston Paperboy | Artist

Limited edition prints


Born in England, Preston studied architecture at Brighton University, but upon graduating, shifted career-paths to focus his creative energy on pursuing his passion of creating art and developing a personal brand. The distinct “Smiler” logo, featured on all Paperboy’s work, is a nuanced signature that represents his growth as an artist -- the face’s sad smile and single tear is a nod to his past and his ongoing battle with depression -- the $$ eyes a reminder to not let wealth or fame cloud his vision as an artist -- and the three lines overhead a symbol of the light and peace he’s found on his artistic journey. Paperboy’s unique style blends the pragmatic structure of photo-realism with the colourful vitality of abstract expressionism. Using a broad array of mixed media, Paperboy has separated himself from other artists by creating complex, textured portraits with vibrant colour schemes.