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Jayson Lilley | Blooming Brighton

Jayson Lilley | Blooming Brighton

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'Blooming Brighton' - A Limited edition print

Artist: Jayson Lilley

Medium: Hand Printed on vintage Brighton & Hove Monopoly Board
Hand finished with Pink Glitter acrylic pens and oils

Edition size: 30, each is unique

Size: 50.5 x 50.5cm

Year: 2022


"I’m a Landscape artist …. Or to be more precise I love the urban skyline. This current collection of works on Vintage Monopoly Boards places me firmly at the intersection of painting, collage & printmaking which is where I’ve been slowly gravitating to and where I’m now very happily staying.


When I was a kid I used to play Monopoly with my family, and mostly it was about cheating my sister out of a few pounds through sneaky dealings with the ‘bank’ (which was usually me) to buy properties I couldn’t afford. I’d never been to London and my shady dealings in Monopoly had painted the city in quite an abstract and cynical way. When I did came to London, I had an inherent knowledge of the nicest (*most expensive*) neighborhoods, which made me seem like I knew London more intimately than I did. And then as I really did get to know London, my view of the city changed; it was no longer about which neighborhoods were the most expensive, but which had the most life, best atmosphere (and best bars). This series of Monopoly boards is about the cities I love and how they go beyond their buildings (and the value we place on them), and shape the lives that are lived in them.”  -Jayson Lilley


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Your art is precious please handle with care. Always wear gloves when handling the paper. When removing your art print from the tube please be aware that paper can crease.

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