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Jayson Lilley | Walking Around Tower Bridge

Jayson Lilley | Walking Around Tower Bridge

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'Walking Around Tower Bridge' - A Limited edition print

Artist: Jayson Lilley

Medium: Hand pulled Screen print with spray paint, acrylic paint, ink and platinum leaf

Signed and numbered by the artist.

Edition size: Varied Edition of 29

Paper size: 50 x 50cm

Year: 2021

This latest body of work is an exciting development from this pursuit of perfection which sees Jayson embrace the unexpected and unplanned as he allows the materials to take the centre stage of these dynamic cityscapes. Here Jayson departs from the reliable flat support of the paper to introduce texture to the surface, exploring loose applications and unplanned marks. In turn he disrupts the clean, flat qualities of traditional screen printing and introduces raw lines, rough edges and a sense of life and movement to the scenes; an unpredictability that reflects the personality of the city.

These uncontrolled variations ensure each artwork is completely unique, yet they remain constrained within the frame of a perfect, crisp circle. The loose marks sit in contrast to this round lens, which seems to hold them at the precipice between freedom and constraint; a reflection of a conflicted existence that has been compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic and associated anxieties centred on our vibrant cities.

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Your art is precious please handle with care. Always wear gloves when handling the paper. When removing your art print from the tube please be aware that paper can crease.

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