Collection: Joe Webb | Artist

Limited Edition Print Collection


Joe Webb uses vintage magazines and printed ephemera that he
has collected to create hand-made low fi collages, no computer trickery in
sight. Webb re-invents the imagery taken from his collection of printed
materials to create simple and elegant, yet surreal, images that explore love
and longing. His work is inspired by the collage work of Peter Blake amongst
others. To create original editions Webb has stayed true to the texture and
feeling of collage by using real collaged elements in the silkscreens as well
as embossing and glazing.

Joe Webb is a British collage artist born in 1976, London
and first began his artistic career as graphic designer, making the leap to be
a full-time artist in 2012. He graduated from his BA in Fine Art at the
University of Arts London, and after years of following a commercial art
pathway he decided to break free of a computer and desk and make hand-cut
collages as a means of escapism. After gaining momentum online with his work
going viral, Webb was encouraged to enter a Saatchi Gallery competition with
his work ‘Antares & Love II’. After winning, he was offered an exhibition
at the gallery a year later, and his success has continued ever since. Webb’s
work has been bought by Coldplay, his work cited for their music video
‘Up&Up’, and he has been commissioned by record label companies to make the
album art for music artists such as Janelle Monae and Tears for Fears. Joe Webb
has also had solo exhibitions in various galleries worldwide.

“I started making these simple hand-made collages as a
reaction to working as a graphic artist on computers for many years. I like the
limitations of collage...using found imagery and a pair of scissors, there are
no Photoshop options to resize, adjust colours or undo. My collages work to a
basic rule of sourcing just two or three images... with these I can reinvent
the original scene to communicate a new idea.”
-Joe Webb